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—––––––––––  Gig Practice Race  —––––––––––––-

Lifeboat Drill

Cadets in Boat

Cadet Scrubbing Boat

Aft Lifeboat swung out


Motor Boat Bosun Mr Mac on Tiller

2nd Gig Crew 1963

New  Motor Boat away

Rigging 32 ft Cutter for Sailing

Lifeboat Drill - Sailing a lifeboat, it can be done

Crew of GP 14 showing how not to do it

Dingy Sailing - The best times to be had on the Worcester

Cadets to attend Churchills funeral

Dressing Ship. Probably for Centenary 1962 —–

Rigging Awing Support for Prize Day

Boson’s Chair Rigging Awning

Up the Mainmast

Glyn Jones Photos

Cadets in Sickbay - Colin Billimore center

Cadets - very sick

Colours, AW Robinson left picture

Testing Slide Block

Glyn Jones 3