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Merchant Navy College

Foreshore 2003 Visit by Courtney OW

Ingress Abbey 2003

Ingress Abbey 2003

Work in Progress 2003

Work in Progress 2003

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Progress on the Abbey

Progress on the Abbey before trees

Looking up to Abbey

Abbey with Trees

Looking up to Abbey

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Arthur Capener

Tony Crompton

Pier Hotel Greenhithe

OW Ensign

St Mary's In Stone Lecture 27th Jan 2009 by Vera Woodward ex Worcester Staff

Worcester Park Street names from Vera Woodward’s Lecture

OW Reunion 2000 at The Pier Inn Greenhithe

Royal Sovereign and Eagle Post Worcester 2

OW’s Celebratory Dinner June 2000 Zip File

Some Later Photos in a Zip File.

Some Pics on Flickr of NZ Reunion.


From Sunday Times May 2003





Model of Worcester III Tony Built

Taken by Clive Bradbury 2009. Katrine in the middle

OW NSW Lunch 2010

4 PDF Files by Tony Maskell 2010

Commissioned by Arthur Capener 61-62. Prints available on Canvas.